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As a Registered BAS Agent, Greg works very closely with clients and their Accountants; lodges BAS Statements electronically via his BAS portal; is willing to make contact with the Australian Taxation Office on behalf of clients if requested to do so. For example, negotiating payment plans for clients BAS payments; prepare requested Reports for clients' Accountants; prepare end of financial year Employee Income Activity Statements.

Services that I provide:

  • Experienced in  MYOB, Quickbooks/Reckon and Xero Software Programs
  • Successful use of Online Programs when approved by Clients
  • Downloading of Bank Feeds to facilitate reconciliation of Accounts
  • Checking for correct allocation of GST codes in all transactions prior to calculation of BAS
  • Setting up of Superannuation Clearing Houses to assist clients when paying Superannuation
  • Setting up new Files including setting up of Payroll and processing of pays
  • Setting up Pays for Employees who have been granted Paid Parental Leave
  • Lodgement of returns and information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)  via the BAS Portal. Eg-
    • Business Activity Statements
    • Instalment Activity Statements
    • Empdupe Files which report a Business’s Individual Employee Wages/PAYG for taxation purposes.
    • A Business’s ATO contact person.
  • See Case Study 1  and/or 4
  • Reconciliation tasks which may include the balancing of:
    • Identification of missing transactions
    • Recorded transaction figures with Bank Account entries.
    • Bank Feed downloads of transactions with the Client Files.
    • PAYG paid in BAS with PAYG calculated in payroll
    • Superannuation paid with Superannuation calculated in payroll
    • Payroll Cheque Accounts
    • Eftpos Clearing Accounts
    • Petty Cash payments

See Case Study 3

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Case Studies

Case Study 1
Setting up your business file for the first time.
This case study outlines the first initial step by step assistance and training which Greg provided to assist a client in setting up and operating their own business file.

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Case Study 2
'Forensic' Bookkeeping
Receipt of a telephone call from a new client referred to Greg by his accountant, introduced him to what he refers to as “forensic” bookkeeping.

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Case Study 3
Calculation of outstanding taxation liabilities
Following a police investigation into an alleged fraud, Greg was engaged to identify the client’s outstanding PAYG and Superannuation liabilities

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Case Study 4
Establishment of a Quickbooks File
A client had established a small fitness Gymnasium, and was keeping his records using an Excel spreadsheet.

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